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Planting for the future

This initiative is integrated into a larger circular economy vision — to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – and Reforest to help restore and heal the planet. The concept is simple: for every product purchased online or in participating store, ATTITUDE will plant a tree in partnership with two leading non-profit tree planting organizations, Eden Reforestation and One Tree Planted.

Join the movement. Let’s plant the seeds of a more sustainable future, together.

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How it works?

Why trees?


Trees clean the air we breathe.


Trees filter the water we drink.


Forests are home to 80% of the planet's terrestrial biodiversity.


Trees help reduce global warming by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.


Forests employ 1.6 billion people globally.


Forests save lives by replenishing the soil with nutrients needed for farming.

Where we’re branching out

ATTITUDE is partnering with two leading tree-planting not-for-profits, Eden Reforestation and One Tree Planted, to help reforest regions in: Madagascar, Népal, Haiti, Indonesie, Mozambique, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, Canada and États-Unis.

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Eden Reforestation

One Tree Planted