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EWG – a trusted partner

Our R&D team bases their selection of ingredients on Environmental Working Group (EWG) assessments. We’re proud to work with EWG, because they guarantee safety and support our mission to use exclusively worry-free ingredients.

EWG VERIFIED™ products for your everyday

What is EWG?

Environmental Working Group is a US-based organization that has created a database, called Skin Deep®, listing over 80,000 personal care products and providing an overview of more than 150,000 chemical ingredients, classified according to toxicity and regulatory status. The standards established by EWG help consumers make better choices and support our mission to use only worry-free ingredients in our products.

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100% hypoallergenic products

Has your sensitive skin seen better days? At ATTITUDE, we make sure that none of the ingredients in our products are listed as known allergens. Thanks to extensive safety testing, we can guarantee that our products are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

Hypoallergenic, EWG VERIFIED™ and dermatologically tested, our gentle shampoos and conditioners won’t irritate your sensitive scalp and skin. Made from worry-free ingredients, our natural and vegan hair care products aren’t just safe for your skin, they’re safe for your family and the planet.

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Dry, itchy skin got you down? Try our all-natural, EWG VERIFIED™ shower gel and body wash. Our products are made from a hand-picked selection of hypoallergenic ingredients to protect your skin. Plus, they’re vegan and biodegradable so you can stay clean with a clear conscience!

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Natural Hand Wash

Does anyone in your household suffer from sensitive skin? Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, our hand soap is gentle enough for the whole family and won’t dry out skin. Plus, it’s EWG VERIFIED™ so you know it’s free from contaminants. Enjoy clean and soft hands, naturally!

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Natural Body Cream

Give your skin a break with our natural body cream. Made from exclusively hypoallergenic ingredients, our body cream will help soothe and repair dry, damaged and sensitive skin. Our ingredients are EWG VERIFIED™ too, so you know they’re safe

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As a parent, you know all too well just how sensitive children’s skin can be. Our line of personal care products for babies and kids is made from exclusively hypoallergenic ingredients to help soothe your little one’s dry, irritated skin. Plus, our products are made from worry-free ingredients, so you can rest easy.

Independent lab testing

Before we select any ingredients, our suppliers have to provide certification that their products contain no contaminants or known toxic substances. The last step in our quality control process involves randomly selecting personal care products for independent lab testing, to ensure they are free from common toxic ingredients like 1,4-dioxane.